My FAVORITE driving song right now, once again from The War on Drugs.  Their whole album is a road trip soundtrack.  I love the snappy beat, the dreamy, shimmery layers of rock, and how "Ocean" gently builds in intensity until it's almost raucous by the end, and you're surprised by it. 
In reading about "Go" online, there's a lot of backlash towards Grimes for "selling out" and going mainstream-pop-dance with this single. News to me: is it as quirky as the other song of hers I featured earlier this year, "Genesis"? No. But all I know is that I heard it on Sirius XMU, recognized her voice, and was into the beat.  That's enough for me to download.
Continuing this week's trend of radio-friendly indie music, this single is quietly rocking, wistful, but pretty masterful when you really break down the production.   And there's something very poignant to me about the chorus line: "I'm no good next to diamonds."  Never fails to stick in my head after hearing it - be warned. Really good stuff.
I have survived the plague!  Aka, the double ear infection + other crap I had all last week, and kept me offline.  Still can't hear all that well out of my right ear, but onwards, and ideally a new music post every day this week! 

This weekend, on a quiet afternoon, the Kid was playing with his cars on the carpet, humming to himself. While I was taking some writing notes.  I overhear him start to quietly sing: "all the people..... all the people....."

It's been on the AltNation radio a lot, and I haven't downloaded it, but always listened to it in the car when it came on.  I had no idea
he'd picked it up from the backseat!  But now he's asking for it regularly, and I'm happy to play this kicky, 80s esque synth-rock single. 

While in the car this weekend, flipping satellite radio stations, I lingered on this new release from Kasabian on AltNation for a couple of seconds before switching to another station.  The Kid had other ideas; he got all mad at me from his carseat, yelling "that one!  that one!"  Now, he's never heard this song before; I'm the only one who listens to random indie stuff in his world.  But he was insistent!  So I flipped back, and he was quietly enjoying in the whole time.  This kid.  Good song, though.
Posted in honor of my friend Sarah, who told me over drinks last night that my love for Bjork was "where our friendship goes in separate directions."  Alas, I have yet to encounter a different reaction; I can recall two others before her who had that same quizzical "yeah, okay" look on their faces when I talked about Bjork.

I don't care!  I've loved this chick for fifteen years: her all-encompassing weirdness, her constant musical experimentation, and the fact that, when you look past all the quirks and yelps and growls, she has an ASTOUNDING voice.  Look above, at this live version of "So Broken": flamenco guitar and Icelandic-accented laments?  What's better?

I'll be in line for her exhibit at the Musuem of Modern Art in NYC next spring, plus I will be checking out her docu-concert BIOPHILIA when it hits Providence.  And if I go alone, so be it!  Love is forever.
A friend once remarked to me that Japandroids have two settings: "loud, and louder."  That sounds about right.  A two-man band, guitar and drums, and yet so aggressive and hooky, full of adrenaline and life, sing-a-long, balls-out awesome.  Probably one of my all-time favorite bands; I hope, hope, hope they come out with another album someday.  

My three favorites:

"The House that Heaven Built" - adored for its loud, mood-lifting affirmational chorus: "When they love me and they will / tell them all they're loving your shadow / and if they try to slow me down / I'll tell them all to go to hell!"
Second, "Fire's Highway: "Ah-oh-ah-oh-oh-oh!"
Third: "Younger Us," with one of my favorite lyrics to yell out: "Remember that night you already in bed / and said 'fuck it',  got up to drink with me instead!"
My go-to cruising down the highway song, lost in thoughts.  Really, anything from their album LOST IN THE DREAM fits in that; I'm really growing into a fan of The War on Drugs.  Something about the drumming sound, and the guitars and the vocals, it sounds very retro to me, classic, but updated.  Hard to explain.  With "Under the Pressure", I hear an "famous" similarity in the vocalist, though I've had the damnest time trying to place who he sounds like.  The closest I can get is maybe Don Henley?  If you can place it, let me know, because it's driving me nuts.  And quick tip: the only downfault of this song is the two-plus minutes of sound and feedback that follows the awesome tune - so when you hear it starting up at the 6.30 mark, it's time to move on.
Featuring some of my all-time favorite songs, that I will forever stop and play when shuffling through my library.
One day,  I let Palladia run on television as I chased the kid around the house, with its endless concerts and festivals as my backdrop.  I'd heard of Elbow before, but I didn't know any specific song. They came on live.   This one made me stop running, and rewind and listen again.  And again.  And I haven't stopped since. 

There is something about "Lippy Kids" that gets me right in my chest.  Its lyrics turn me sideways, with its teenage nostalgia:

"One long June, I came down from the trees and kerbstone cool.
You were a freshly painted angel, walking on walls,
stealing beers and hour-long hungry kisses.
And nobody knew me at home anymore."

My newest discovery;  another "chamber pop" entry, or in other words, I'm a sucker for pianos and cellos:  Dannish artist Agnes Obel and her album AVENTINE.  I have been listening to its entirety all weekend.
I write books about parallel worlds and offbeat personalities in the NINE Saga.  I love music, so there are songs that represent just about every character in my books; all save for one: CaLarca, a significant figure who appears in Book Two: NADI.  AVENTINE is 100% her soundtrack: somber, classically fine, but with a malevolent twist.  I have images in my head of CaLarca sitting, straight and true, the camera slowly circling her, to the sounds of "Fuel to Fire."  Lovely, but beware.