Stream-of-consciousness lyrics, Aussie accent, rolling guitar licks, sharp drums, and slacker-rock singles, with comparisons to everyone from Bob Dylan to PJ Harvey to Pavement. 

Courtney Barnett is so freaking cool.
Another Soundtrack pick, this one attributed to one of my main guys, Theron.  Suitably dramatic, I think, particularly as his story goes along; BUT, rather than being some morose piano lament, it's a fast-paced, fuzzy guitar fest with a driving beat and some great riffs:

I caught a glimpse of professional evil on the day our poor hearts died
I fell in love with professional evil on the day you left my side
I seen tons of people, looking lost and lethal, and I think we're all the same
So I scale the steeple and I take a leap, but I just can't keep the stain from my soul....

The Kid picks this new release from Weezer's latest album "Everything Will Be Alright In the End."  Your standard hooky, sing-a-long, crunchy-rock Weezer sound, but with the added delight of the male/female duet, with the vocalist from Beach House (who I wrote about here) joining in to sneer at the "stupid boy."
Everyone has heard Hozier's "Take Me To Church" by now, right?  I have to confess: not a big fan of that single.  I know it's super popular, and I appreciate Hozier's distinctive voice, but the tempo, or the key the chorus is sung in, it grates on me for some reason.  I far prefer this more obscure track of his: so down south and bluesy and slick.  What a great title, too. I heard this once on the radio yesterday and I've been singing along to it ever since.
Here's a song that's tailor-made for two of my main characters, their stormy, complicated relationship, and the events of Book Three. Piano, delicate vocals, strings, and a romantic, frustrated, tumultuous breakdown: "run away with me....."  Listening to it on repeat as I write.
I realized that I've had "September" up as the Kid's #1 Pick for some time now, and I never wrote an entry!  It's still one of his favorites, known as the "tember" song, and he gets really excited when it comes on shuffle.  Synth-pop ecstacy, fun, danceable, another great pick from a band that I hear is incredible live; alas, the word is getting out about St. Lucia - upcoming Boston show already sold out! 

Speaking of Boston shows, I make my way to the Sinclair tonight to see Danish musician Agnes Obel.  I've been to concerts alone, but this is my first club show on my own.  Still, if I were a dude, this wouldn't be a big deal, and I'm a big believer of doing what you want, regardless of company, so onward into the big city.  Report to follow.
One of my all-time favorite "heartbreak" songs, by the  underrated country-folk singer-songwriter Patty Griffin. Oh, how this song gets me right in the gut, and has for years; how deeply I connect with every twist of her heart, and the quiet anguish in the way she sings:

"I love you but I don't / even know why,"

or the crescendo of:

"he says his love is all gone / every move I make is all wrong / says he never gave a damn for me / for anything / for anyone....." 

Warning: might make you cry, despite the title.
Holy 1980s pop-rock!  A nod to MANNEQUIN in the music video, and the lead singer reminds me of John Cusack with the dark hair and long trenchcoat.  Awesome, super dance-able, brand new single, and still very much under the radar, going by the 25K hits on this video!
I saw BEGIN AGAIN with Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo a few days back (good pick, nicely unexpected ending). From the maker of ONCE, and very reminiscent of that focus on musical performance and emotion, I was struck by "Like a Fool," created by Keira's character on a drunken night, left as a voicemail on her ex's phone.  It's not the greatest singing voice, it's a little bit hippy-dippy, but in that last line (not safe for kids), it made me want to listen again.
A  straightforward request from the Kid, on the way to daycare this morning: "Soul Meets Body" comes on AltNation, and he very politely asked when it was done: "Can I hear it again?"   That repeated once more, until we got to our destination.  I'm tickled.  I've always liked this 2005 release; it's another song that's perfect for driving on the highway, amidst "a melody softly soaring through my atmosphere."