After a night of vivid dreaming, I woke up this morning with this song in my head.  Taken from 2004's Before Sunset; a sweetly-sung lullaby, quietly resolved to be heartbroken.  It's a pretty powerful song, for being so simple: very sure of herself and her feelings.
You never know where you'll hear something cool.  I dropped my phone for the second time this past month, and in the Verizon store, waiting for them to replace the tempered glass, I cocked my head, listened, and asked the attendant: "Is this a remix of Passion Pit?"  Thus followed a giddy conversation about indie music and new websites to check out, including MixCloud, which has customized DJ playlists.  The kid immediately latched onto this song when I played it in the car; it's a great driving song, a quieter, groovy-sweet remix of a more raucous version of the song that you might have heard before.
This one has the potential to be big, I thought so from first listen.  It's got cool beats, great to drive to, easy to sing along, the guy/girl duet factor.  It'll be interesting to see if this filters into mainstream radio, like Tove Lo did with "Habits" last year.  I really liked Big Data's last release, the bass-rocking Dangerous, so it would be nice to see him get some success with this new one!
The Kid has chosen the newest release from indie band WALK THE MOON, bound to hit the mainstream if it hasn't already.  You've probably heard their other hits ANNA SUN and maybe TIGHTROPE (with one of my favorite videos!).  "Shut Up and Dance" is a bit formulaic, but it's got the same exuberance and catchiness that they are known for, especially live.  I saw them back in 2013, the same show as Magic Man, and they seem like a group of guys who are genuinely thrilled to be able to make music.  Here's to more success!
Who would think that, with the record-breaking snowfall here in New England, I would also be my busiest at work? My days lately are type, drive, talk, cook, and collapse - and not type the things I'd really *like* to, like my books or this blog.  So let's carve out five minutes and get some music up there.  I completely forgot about this song for a few years, and then I heard it on the radio and fell in love all over again. It's just so urban and cool; the bass line is awesome, and I really like the contrast of white-girl-languid-breathy-rap over top of it.  Plus: positive message on relationships!  "If you love someone it should feel good to let them breathe."  "And I do exactly what I want / when I'm with him and when I'm not?"  Hell yes.
Bjork has a new album!  VULNICURA just dropped a couple of days ago, and I'm streaming and loving.  So far, it reminds me of her older stuff, full of grand strings and electronica beats and her haunting, surreal voice. A great preview to prep for my May trip to New York City to see her exhibit at MOMA! 
Rediscovered this tune from indie gods Modest Mouse, and to me, it's the perfect driving song, winding down sleepy roads, looping and lingering and dreaming.  Not the official band video, but here's the cool, trippy fan-made video that has generally been accepted as the "official" video.
I never cry in yoga.  Sure, I've been in the business long enough to know that it's common, that emotions get wrung out in the process, and often you're so loose and exhausted by the end, when you lie in savasana (corpse pose) and remain still for five minutes, everything spills over.  I've heard about it.  Only experienced it once: when I was at my usual Saturday class, and at the end, the instructor played "Heart of Stone" over savasana.  I remember lying on my back, my hands splayed to the ceiling, my eyes closed, but tears leaking down my temples and into my mat, me desperately trying to keep my breath even, mortified that this was happening.  Funny how random things, or songs, affect you.  I'd never heard it before, but the heartbreak, the numbness and the weariness overtook me for three minutes. 
Simple riffs and blues-rocking beats, with a neat slinky edge to it.  I love the way it goes balls-out at the end.  Makes you want to drive fast and add some swagger to your step.  Messed up video, though I love the flashing red and blue filters and everything revealed in every switch.
Finally, a Kid pick!  He's been listening to the same songs for a while now (Bloc Party's "Signs" has become his favorite, aka the "Xylophone Song" where he identifies all the instruments and then says goodbye to all of them when it wraps up), so this was a welcome, if strange, new pick.  He's been asking to hear "Class Historian" every day for the past week, purely for that addictive "di-di-di-di" chorus, which he sings around the house.   And it's a good song to be obsessed with, along with creepy 80s-esque video to enjoy.